Evil Nun Schools Out

4.83 / 5

Have fun with this horror game, action, shooting !!! Try to escape in this 3D game called Evil Nun Schools Out an entertaining horror game get into the game full of intrigue. In you can play it totally free.

You're at school, after hours, in detention! What do you usually do during that time period?
Well, forget about it. This time you must escape!
You have 5 days. You are trapped and Evil Nun is watching you!
She can hear EVERYTHING! So she tries to be VERY quiet!
Solve puzzles to open the front door, but stop her from doing all of that.

The objective of the game is to try to escape from the fearsome demonic nun who walks through the school rooms and is attentive to any noise !!! Find yourself in all the little places you can in escape mode or play Shooter mode and look for the mummy to shoot and defeat it while you run.

Escape Controls:

W, A, S, D to move
F to interact / hide / use item
G to drop item
T to Unhide
Escape to pause
Left CTRL to crouch
Shooter controls:

W A S D to walk around
Mouse to Look around
Left Mouse Button to Fire
Right Mouse Button to Aim
Mouse Wheel To Change Weapons
G for Grenades
R to Reload
F to Pickup Items
Left Shift to Run
Left CTRL to Crouch
X to Prone
Space to jump

  • - Scan the QR Code with your mobile camera
  • - You can enjoy this Game on smartphone and tablet (Iphone, Ipad, Android devices and Windows Phone)


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