Classic Mario World 3: The Finale

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Mario World 3 Play Classic: Final!!! Have fun live the adventure of a retro Mario game with this classic Mario Bross game completely free.

In this Mario Bros game, we have to go back to mushroom kingdom to stop the Bowser assaulting the city with the force of the stars.
The story begins when Mario returns from his vacation to the mushroom realm when he learns that the bowser has stolen the stars for
Maria's going to leave the castle and look for bowser to avoid a disaster, become more powerful.

We'll move through mountains and collect champagne on the first level to reach the flag, while meeting the enemies called the Koopas or
Turtles that we will pass in a cellar that has new enemies, like some Goumba that can not die, no matter how many times we step on it, when you take them on, it doesn't matter how many times.
In the 3rd level we shall be a valley where we are at a large height, and in this world we will meet our guests. We will find so traditional ballets fly to us.
Friend of the dinosaur yoshi, yoshi will eat other enemies to unleash a ball of fire, give us a mushroom or spit the shells.
this will be full of sharks, we will reach the bowser castle at the last level of the planet and a boss will be waiting for us, there will be saws that accompany us on this stage
. Koopas skeletons who are not going to die and the boss, a Koopa who slams his hands over the ground to make us unable to move, you have to jump on him to defeat him;
But be careful, as the more damage you get, the quicker it gets to you when it hits the ground, while we're going to fight your ninja minions, who jump and get straight
We will find the bonus level of the toad toward us, above the castle level, which will grant us free rewards to pass through the levels.

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